Peruvian gastronomy is a celebration of Peru. A country with a millenary tradition and a promising future that does not lose sight of its roots and where the art of good food stands out among its inhabitants as one of the most distinctive signs of its identity. .

Peruvian Gastronomy has been nominated to be declared a World Heritage Site (2011).

The Peruvian people are famous for their demanding and refined palate, which comes from immemorial times. Pre-Columbian techniques allowed the preparation of soups, stews and raw fish. Food processing was a common part of daily life, with the knowledge of salting meat, dehydrating and cooking in natural earth ovens.

Let’s read about the experience of many journalists tasting our peruvian flavors!

A New St-Denis Restaurant Wants to ‘Bring Peru to the Plateau’
Barranco models itself on the flavours of the namesake seaside district in Lima, serving up mahi-mahi ceviche, chicharrón sandwiches, roast chicken, and more
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Barranco: le nouveau restaurant péruvien au coeur du Plateau à Montréal
Barranco arrives just in time for Plateau picnics with a Peruvian street-food menu
Goûter le Pérou
À Lima, capitale du Pérou, il existe un quartier bohème et coloré nommé Barranco, épicentre de la vie nocturne où l’art urbain est omniprésent. C’est en son honneur qu’a été nommé ce nouveau restaurant de cuisine péruvienne urbaine, situé en plein cœur du Plateau Mont-Royal.
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Sandwich Chicharrón du Barranco
Ce délicieux sandwich proposé par le nouveau restaurant de cuisine péruvienne qui vient d’ouvrir ses portes sur le Plateau-Mont-Royal, le Barranco, est absolument décadent.
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Barranco, un nouveau resto péruvien du Plateau
Barranco, c’est l’endroit idéal à Montréal où déguster de la cuisine péruvienne urbaine